Wednesday, 30 April 2014

I hurt everyday because of you leaving me.  There's not one day I don't think about it.  I read studies that show guys take a lot longer on average to get over relationships than women.  It seems true.  You seem to have moved on no problem.  But I continue hurting each and every day.  My solace is my belief in my absolute blessings, grounded in the mere fact that I was born into a western civilization.  This keeps me positive anytime I'm feeling down, a fact I tried to get you to learn on as well, anytime YOU were feeling down.

I meet new women here and there.  Some are great.  But I already feel like I had something great.  You said I wasn't ambitious, I wasn't a leader.  You are still dead wrong.  More accurate, I believe, was that you put your faith in materialism, and because my goals weren't grounded in those ends, you mistook me as weak in ambition and leadership.  You were dead wrong.  I was leading... you just weren't following.  My ambition is the will of God, and the greater effort put forth in following that will, the less materialistically I may or may not be.  If you had followed me, I would have led us strongly towards God.  You have left me.  Now it may be another woman I lead that way.

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